Primary Instructor :
Tuition Fee : $3,946.50
Duration : 8 Days
Course Type : Hands-on
Upcoming Course Dates
06-13-2021 through 06-20-2021
07-11-2021 through 07-18-2021
08-08-2021 through 08-15-2021

Master Course Certificate

The Master Course Certificate program, which includes both classroom and hands-on training, increases the level of excellence, skill, and knowledge of stone and tile restoration contractors, enabling them to provide the most efficient and effective restoration procedures. Any student may choose to complete training in one or more of the courses we offer, but the Master Course Certificate program includes all three essential hands-on courses. There is also a 10% discount on tuition for the Master Course Certificate, compared to tuition prices when the courses are scheduled separately.

The Master Course Certificate is earned when the student completes the following courses:

What is a Master Course Certificate?

Master Course LogoA Master Course Certificate enables professional stone and tile restoration contractors to provide proof of their training. Commercial and residential clients associate the Master Course Certified badge with confidence that you are qualified to successfully restore their stone and tile surfaces. The Master Course Certified badge is visible and tangible validation to be used on your business website, vehicle wraps, print material, and other marketing collateral to help you secure more work and promote your business with confidence.

Who should register for the Master Course Certificate program?

While we encourage anyone, from beginners to veterans, to register and complete the Master Course Certificate program, we offer a friendly word of warning to those who think it will be easy. Our students work hard and train intensely. In order to maintain the integrity of the Master Course Certificate program, our instructors require rigorous and meticulous participation from students. However, you will leave The Stone and Tile School armed with the skills you need to provide superior craftsmanship, knowledge of time-saving techniques to cut costs and increase revenue, and formal recognition of your training.

If you want to reach new levels of success by earning a Master Course Certificate, contact us online or call (407) 567-7680 today to register.

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     41 reviews
    I Like the Way They Teach

    "I have taken all of the hands-on classes. I loved the extensive hands-on. I like the way they teach, then allow you to go out and do the work. Thank you for the experience."

    by Lavor Silmon, Simply Clean, Mableton, GA
    Course Built My Confidence

    "This course built my confidence to jump on floor restoration ASAP! Thank you".

    by Kevin Perez, Atlantic Stone, South Carolina
    Great Training

    Great hands on training. It met all my expectations. It was absolutely a great service.

    by Juan C Garcia
    Surpassed expectations

    What I liked most about this course: Superior knowledge and level of expertise tailored to our needs. Approachability and poignant to our market. We received everything that was promised and more. Your service has surpassed any expectations we had by far...

    by Liz Barton, Perth WA, Australia
    Spot on training!

    What I liked best about the training: Being able to listen to the theory in the classroom. Then to be able to go out on the floor to watch the instructor execute the theory properly. And then practice it myself until I was comfortable with the method. Spot on!This was a phenomenal course. I was very pleased to have been able to take part. All of the staff were cheerful and know their trade...

    by Evan Anderson, Renton, WA
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