The World’s Largest Stone and Tile Training Facility

The Stone and Tile School in DeBary, Florida is the largest stone and tile course facility in the world. Our 4,500 square foot facility, about 15 miles north of Orlando, is fully equipped for course in marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo, granite and other dimension stone and tiles.

Our spacious facility includes:

  • 950 square feet of various marbles, limestone, and travertine floors
  • 200 square feet of both cement and epoxy based terrazzo floors
  • 40 different types of marble
  • 400 square feet of granite floors
  • 12 different types of granite
  • 240 square feet of marble walls with different inlays
  • 20 different types of marble and granite countertops
  • 300 square feet of tile and grout floors and walls


Our course classrooms have been carefully and strategically designed to optimize the learning experience for the student. Multiple hands on work areas and real life situations are created in the classrooms. The stone classroom lets the student work up against wood floors, carpeting and drywall, on a wide variety of stone types, in tight spaces, around obstacles, and in corners. The tile and grout classroom and the ‘in the field’ course have been designed to prepare the student for the real world. In all course classes, various methods, tools, machinery and products are introduced and available to use. The instructors may make specific recommendations, but our belief is the student is best served when given the opportunity to see and try for themselves what options are available.

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