Q.Do you have any other locations?

We have only one location. People travel from all around the globe to learn at The Stone and Tile School.

Q.Do I have to have previous experience to qualify?

Previous experience in any field helps, but is not required. We teach both experienced and novices here at the school. Due to our small low student to instructor ratio, each student has the opportunity to work individually with the instructor/instructors and learn at a pace they are comfortable with.

Q.How long are the classes each day?

Classes begin at 9:00 every morning. Depending on class size, discussions, etc. the classes typically let out somewhere between 3:30 – 5:00 pm. Classes ending on Fri & Sun will be released no later than 3:00 pm, so flights can be met.

Q.Is there a dress code?

We don’t have a dress code per se. The only thing we ask is for students to wear non-slip shoes and full length pants (no shorts).

Q.Are meals included in the price?

The short answer is no. However, we always have a variety of hot and cold drinks and snacks available at the school. We have a Keurig and fine coffee to start your morning off. We find it best and encourage students to go out for lunch and clear their heads. Then come back eager to learn. We’ve found that 8 hours in a confined area is not conducive for learning. Comprehension begins to fade after 5-6 hours. Some choose to bring their own food and eat here at the school, and that’s perfectly fine. We have plenty of space. We provide a We do order in lunch periodically, and take students out for lunch, dinner or sometimes both. How about a little Karaoke?

Q.Do you offer installation classes?
  • No. We are a restoration school. We do not currently offer installation classes.
  • We can however, recommend a school.
Q.How many different classes do you offer?
  • We offer 3 essential hands-on courses.
  • Multiple “Specialty Courses”.
  • Multiple online courses for ongoing education.
Q.How many other students will be in the class?

We limit our classes to 5 students. This allows all students to have their own equipment and stone to work on, and allows more of a 1 on 1 style environment for learning.

Q.Do I get certified after taking the course?

Unfortunately, there is no certification in the stone and tile industry for restoration training. However, we do offer a certificate of completion for every course completed. We also offer a badge for you to put on your website. Business cards, etc.

Q.Is this actually a “hands-on” course? Because many that say they are, are not.

We ARE definitely a hands-on school. We have both classroom and hands on, but 85% of the class is actually working with a hand machine or floor machine on the task that was just instructed in the classroom.

Q.What makes your school different than other training schools?
  • We do not sell equipment & supplies.
  • We are the largest training facility of its kind.
  • Every student has their own equipment and stone to work on.
  • No standing around watching others do hands-on training.
  • Small classes (5 max) ensure 1 on 1 time with instructor/instructors.
Q.Where are you located?
  • We are located in Debary, FL. Debary is located between Orlando & Daytona just off I-4
  • Only minutes from Universal, Disney, Sea World and world class Florida beaches.
  • Come train with us and let your family take in the many attractions!
Q.Who comes to your school?
  • Business opportunity seekers. (This is a very profitable business!)
  • Natural stone technicians looking to advance their skills.
  • Cleaning companies looking to get into hard surface care.
  • Natural stone related franchises that can benefit from learning natural stone restoration.
Q.Why do people come to your school?
  • Reputation. We are recognized as a world class school.
  • Many are referred from others that have already been through the training.
  • They come to learn a profitable trade.
  • They come to learn time proven methods to restore, maintain and repair natural stone.
  • To learn from seasoned pros.
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