Stain Care PRO

Course Overview

This On-Demand eLearning course is a must-have for any stone restoration or hard surface care technician.

After completing Stain Care PRO – Professional Stain Removal for Stone and Other Hard Porous Surfaces, you will have the knowledge and resources to confidently treat stains and provide answers and solutions to customers who have stains on their natural stone or other hard, porous surfaces.

Presented by Fred Hueston, Chief Technical Director for SurpHaces and President of Stone Forensics, this course covers everything from identifying actual stains to resolving them, including how to make and apply a poultice to break down and draw out the stain.

Many times, professional stone restoration contractors encounter what the customer believes is a stain but in actuality is some other type of surface damage. This course will address these situations, as well.

Several actual case studies are included to demonstrate some real-world scenarios and the solutions that were used.

What’s Included
  • What is NOT a stain
  • Organic stains
  • Inorganic stains
  • Biological stains
  • Stain identification color chart
  • Poulticing
  • Case studies
  • Review course material as needed, even weeks later
  • LinkedIn Certification

The course includes a FREE one-year subscription to Stain Care PRO web and mobile app, that features:

  • Step-by-step instructions for most common stains and many not so common ones.
  • Live Chat technical support (on web app).
  • Real-world case studies.

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Stain Care PRO
Instructor(s) : Fred Hueston
Tuition Fee : $189
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Course Type : eLearning
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