I just wanted to take a brief moment to thank you and the staff at The Stone and Tile School for a great class and for the welcome hospitality.

In regards to the productivity and profitability class, and feel free to share this, I found that it met the objectives outlined (and then some). All of the numbers you taught so far have been correct and I am feeling more comfortable being able to look at jobs with this new information. My area is highly competitive and the information and tips you taught will allow me to not only close more jobs but process them more accurately and timely.

Furthermore, we are a small operation and being able to accurately time jobs to have more control of precious time and scheduling dates is beyond description. In a small operation, if you miss your mark by one day you can experience a “domino effect” of all your schedules being affected.

I am planning on attending more classes in the future. Your facility is certainly going to be THE measuring stick for how hands-on teaching ought to be performed. Your commitment to education and this industry shows by what you are building and I will pass along your information to my colleagues so they can also attend. Thank you again.

J. Palacio
Floor Amor | Coconut Creek, FL