I attended The Stone and Tile School hoping to learn a few new procedures. What I learned was that and so much more. What a great school! The training I received was literally a life changing experience for my business. I have attended many schools and seminars over the years but never got the training to actually feel confident in all phases of stone restoration.

Over the past few years I have referred well over $100,000 worth of work to other stone restoration companies because I lacked the knowledge and confidence needed to successfully complete certain jobs. That will not be happening anymore. If you follow John Freitag’s systems and listen to what he tells you, you can’t go wrong.

After taking John’s classes I have the knowledge to complete just about any stone restoration job that comes my way. In the first 2 months after attending John’s classes I picked up over $10,000 in work that I would not have attempted in the past. One of the Travertine jobs I completed was turned down by three other contractors before I was called out. Without John’s training I would have turned down the job too, instead I completed it successfully and the clients where thrilled that they did not have to tear-up their Travertine floor.

What is great about John is that he is there to help you if you have a question after you leave the school. Many instructors that teach stone restoration classes will tell you to call if you have a problem or a question but good luck reaching them. John and his team are different; they really care about your success.

If you want to be more confident in your skills and be successful in the stone restoration business then take John Freitag’s classes now. It is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your business.

John, many thanks to you and your team. Because of your training I am so much closer to reaching my goals.

Tony Warney
Excel Stone and Tile Care | San Diego, CA