Alex and I just came back from having the great pleasure of meeting John and his staff this last week. What a great experience. John and Butch were amazing with explaining things. I have been involved with many many classes. I have learned from many different educators to whom I have much respect for in the industry and their vast knowledge and skills. But this class is nothing like I have ever experienced. It really got me pumped. Not only did we learn time saving things as far as restoration goes, but as the overall operations of running my business.

I was so frustrated because I didn’t understand why I didn’t have much to show for all the hard work Alex and I have been doing. We had jobs (not as many as I really wanted but decent.) We are making money…but don’t have much to show for it monthly (you know the live job by job life not knowing when or how the next job was going to come). John was awesome with giving step by step customized info for me which made complete sense. He gave me formulas and made it easy to learn. (I kind of feel like popping my forehead and saying, duh, why didn’t I think of that.)

John has developed simple yet really effective methods of getting more business, keeping more business coming, doing the work efficiently (yet with the same quality) and operations management that will help us increase our net $$’s. I was a big skeptic when I first walked in and he started telling me about some of these things he does with the surfaces. I hate to say it but he proved me wrong and I am thrown back to see how much time and money we have wasted in the past.

I know I keep going on and on. I just got back from a 10 hour drive. You would think I would be exhausted. Nope, both Alex and I are so completely revved we are re-organizing right now and planning for a busy couple of weeks. John doesn’t know this…(he will now) but I took his methods over the week and started talking to some clients and including some of the things he taught me in the sales and marketing. I now have my calender full for a couple of weeks and I have 6 new clients. I was testing his methods…and they work. I feel silly because I realized I was over complicating everything.

Now I really feel this great joy in what we do and I have this plan…this pathway so we can work, still have private family time and still make a really great living without working 7 days a week like zombies.

All I can say is if you can…take John’s classes. If you can’t…find a way! I promise you, you will be as excited as me.

Georgia Rivera
Surface Buff | Raleigh, NC