Our Facility

The Stone and Tile School | Debary

Our Facility

Our facility is equipped to provide intensive classroom training, an optimized, hands-on learning experience that prepares students for the real-life situations they will encounter when cleaning and restoring natural stone and tile walls, countertops, and flooring.

Classroom Training

In the tile and grout classroom, we introduce structured problem-solving concepts and strategies to prepare students for experiential, ‘in the field’ training. Our dynamic classroom training environment is where goal or objectives are identified, problems are clarified, ideas are evaluated, and plan of action is established. Students have the opportunity to ask questions, and our instructors may make specific recommendations, but our belief is that the student is best served when given the opportunity to explore various cleaning and restoration methods for themselves.

Optimized, Hands-On Learning Experience

Our training facility has been carefully and strategically designed to optimize the learning experience for each student. Providing all the necessary tools, machinery and products students need, as well as multiple, hands-on work areas and small class sizes makes the training at The Stone and Tile School the most efficient and effective natural stone and tile cleaning and restoration classes available.

Floors, Countertops, and Walls

We have over 30 different types of marble, limestone, and terrazzo floors, and 16 different types of granite floors. Our countertop training areas have 16-18 different types of marble 12-14 types of granite. We also have a variety of natural stone walls. The wide variety of stone types and colors enables students to gain first-hand experience with comparing and contrasting how each stone reacts during the cleaning and restoration process.

Preparation for Real-Life Situations

Our stone classroom area is designed to mimic real-life situations. Students learn how to clean and restore stone and tile surfaces while protecting surrounding areas, because our stone and tile is installed up against wood floors, carpeting and drywall, including tight spaces, obstacles, and corners.


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