John E. Freitag

John has been in the stone restoration and maintenance industry since 1989. His decades of experience includes operating and then serving as president of the largest marble restoration franchise in the United States.

Equipped with extensive knowledge, John provides both classroom and hands-on training to students who come from all over the United States.  John is not just an instructor — he owns and operates a marble and stone restoration service company. As he performs the processes his students will learn, he deals with all the real-world opportunities and problems that accompany stone restoration services. This enables him to provide his students with well-informed, practical instruction, and gives them an inside look at the types of jobs they will perform once they have completed training.

Students can choose from a variety of classes, based on their needs. Because John only accepts five students per class, each person reaps the benefits of a one-on-one training experience. John believes that students learn best by applying the concepts introduced in the classroom on tile and grout surfaces or marble and granite floors, walls, and countertops at The Stone and Tile School, using the same equipment, supplies, and procedures they would use in homes and businesses. He closely monitors their progress and offers suggestions as they discover for themselves what does and doesn’t work.