Historical Restoration and Preservation Training

Exclusive Historical Restoration and Preservation Seminar 

Historic stone expert, trainer and author Frederick M. Hueston, presents an exclusive look into historical stone restoration for those wanting to break into this specialized field.

Historic stone restoration requires a certain knowledge and skill set beyond everyday floor or countertop restoration. This seminar is designed to provide the knowledge and the tools necessary to be successful in this lucrative sector of the restoration business.

Beyond the techniques, Hueston, or Dr. Fred as he is known in the industry, will also educate attendees how to market their services, as well as how to communicate with architects and conservators. Class size is limited and this seminar will only be offered once this year.

Topics that will be covered in the seminar include:

  • What is Historical Restoration?
  • Standards for Rehabilitation and the National Register
  • Who’s Who? (Architect, Contractor, Architectural Conservator)
  • Repair and Maintenance of Historical Stone Masonry
  • Stone Masonry Cleaning

Hueston will also address the problems associated with cleaning historic stone, stain removal and the long-term effects of cleaning.

To register, or for more information, please visit stoneforensics.com, or email fhueston@gmail.com.

Frederick M. Hueston, is an internationally recognized stone and tile consultant, and the author of more than 27 books and numerous articles on stone and tile. Founder and former owner of the National Training Center for Stone and Masonry, he is now concentrating on full-time consulting, installation fail investigations and expert witness work in courts worldwide. 


Frederick M. Hueston
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