Tile & Grout Cleaning / Sealing
Primary Instructor : Butch Stallings
Tuition Fee : $995.00
Duration : 2 Days
Course Type : Essential Hands-on
Upcoming Course Dates
07-07-2018 through 07-08-2018
08-04-2018 through 08-05-2018
09-08-2018 through 09-09-2018
10-06-2018 through 10-07-2018

Course Overview

This course covers basic stone and tile identification, chemical selection, and hand tool usage, as well as portable high-pressure units and truck-mount units. You will receive extensive hands-on Color Sealing training. With slip and falls being the leading category of serious personal injury accidents each year in businesses, commercial buildings or public areas, there is enormous potential for opportunities in providing anti-slip treatment services. This course also covers anti-slip treatments. Our training facility has 2000 square feet of tile with 10 different types of floors, so you will get to experiment and learn how to work with the same types of floors and surfaces as jobs in the field. In addition to the classroom and hands-on training, you'll learn tried and proven sales techniques that will assist you in generating top dollar for your work and building value in your services.

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    Hands On

    John Freitag and his team at the stone and tile school are serious about your training. Each individual has their own floor machine during their class. This is important for someone with no experience in marble restoration. It’s easier for the instructor to observe and see where you may need guidance. John and Butch are very knowledgeable. They are willing to teach you how to succeed in the marble maintenance and restoration industry.With their knowledge and the ability to pass it on to you in a understanding way means you will succeed after attending their school. Thank you.

    by Steven LaCasse, Palm Beach FL