Essential Marble and Stone Restoration

Designed to give a strong foundation for those new or recent to the stone restoration industry, this essential training course is an intensive 5 days of hands on training that will prepare the student... read more

Sales and Marketing (Evenings)

This course is designed to assist you in building your business through proper sales and marketing. It will assist you in pricing and bidding jobs as well as knowing what types of marketing you... read more

Tile and Grout Cleaning, Sealing and Color Sealing

This course will cover the the basics of stone and tile identification, chemical selection, hand tool usage, portable, high-pressure units, as well as truck-mount units. You will also receive extensive hands-on ColorSeal training. ... read more

Walls and Counters

This course will be mainly hands on training with some lecture time. You will gain the experience you need to go out and secure hotel vanity top and shower wall restorations. Now training in... read more


Cheetah Pad / Puck Training

Cheetah Pads and Cheetah Pucks seem to be all the rage now. There is good reason, too. Knowing this system properly can help you get the job done faster and better.... if you know... read more

Granite Restoration and Polishing

This course is for stone restoration contractors that are currently in the marble restoration business but have not yet mastered granite. During this class you will learn basic granite restoration and granite polishing processes... read more

Maintenance: Building Recurring Income

This class will prepare you to sell and develop maintenance programs that when properly managed will ensure recurring income. You will learn how to develop maintenance programs that will secure ongoing income for and... read more