About us

About The Stone and Tile School

The Stone and Tile School is the result of our gathering together some of the very best stone restoration and tile & grout professionals from across the nation — and brainstormed with them to craft out the optimal training programs.

It started with surveying many people that had taken virtually all of the courses out there and asked them questions such as, “What would you change?” “What wasn’t covered that needed to be?” What did you value?” “What areas in your own business are you weakest in?”

So, what were the issues?

For one, we heard a lot of complaints about lengthy sales pitches disguised as classes. Many expressed that they didn’t like having to stand around waiting for their turn with ‘hands on.’ A very common issue was that even after taking a class, the student did not feel adequately prepared for ‘real world’ situations. The list went on an on.

Then, our own ‘Dream Team’ took these points, factored in their own and spent countless hours and a lot of energy and enthusiasm crafting out The STONE AND TILE SCHOOL.

The outcome: Extraordinary instructors, thoughtfully planned out course outlines, state-of-the-art training facilities, tremendous resources all designed to best prepare and launch the student for maximized success.


Our Director

John Freitag has decades of experience in the natural stone restoration and maintenance industry and a passion to deliver exceptional training, placing a premium on hands-on training and preparing the student for the ‘real world.’

Pam Freitag

Our Administrator

Pam Freitag has been an office administrator in the stone and tile restoration industry since 1993. For ten years she worked with Fred Hueston at National Training Center Enterprises. Since then, she has worked with her husband John at The Stone and Tile School, communicating with students, coordinating and preparing for classes, issuing certifications and much more.